E&D Designer Brands can delivery worldwide, however, delivery times may increase depending on the delivery destination. The average delivery time with Europe is 3 Business days and destinations outside Europe such as North America and Asia the delivery time is 5 business days.
Invoices for orders delivered by couriers are available to both download and print online from the customer’s individual account area. Once such information has been issued, no changes can be generated.
All shipments are free within some countries and additional cost may apply depending on the Country.
Verification is required if the number of packages delivered corresponds to that shown on the transport document, if the packaging is intact, and/or if the product matches the order. If this is the case, customers must sign the delivery correspondents with ”the right to check the integrity of the products”. If this fails to be completed, customers may not dispute the non-matching appearance or quantity of the product ordered after delivery.
Products are delivered from distributors 1-2 working days from dispatch of the order & payment confirmation, always subject to checking the regularity of the payment before carrying it out. In the case of orders with payments in advance other than by bank transfer and where E&D Designer Brands has report of anomalies, such as the mismatch of the name of the person registered and the holder of the card, the goods are delivered within 7 working days from when it has been checked for regularity of the payment, or at least from the end of the tests that will be necessary to verify the regularity of payment. In the unlikely event that a product has not been delivered after 10 working days following the order confirmation, customers should send a direct E-Mail to info@eddesignerbrands.com with the subject line “non-delivery”, while also stating the order number as well as any other additional information. Having received the E-Mail, E&D Designer Brands will contact the customer within 2 working days in order to resolve the problem or in some cases offer an explanation for non-fulfilment of orders.
Custom operations are handled by distributors together with the FedEx and DHL customs agency for shipments outside the EU. Any documentation needed will be provided by the distributors to have the package cleared if necessary. With their 10+ years of experience of international deliveries and thousands of international buyers, we can guarantee a fast and smooth delivery.
When using Bank Invoice, the amount of the purchase will have to be paid within 48 hours or your order will be cancelled. Once the bank transfer has been confirmed you will receive a notification and your order will be shipped out within 48hours.